Pellegrino Artusi’s 200th Anniversary – The Father of Italian Cuisine

Pellegrino Artusi, acknowledged father of modern cookery who did what he could to spread the use of the Italian language, was born in Forlimpopoli on 4th August 1820.
After completing his studies, he began dealing with his father’s business and, as a result, travelled around various regions of the Italian peninsula.
Between 1851 and 1852 the Artusi family left Forlimpopoli and moved to Florence. A wealthy man, at the age of 45 Artusi was able to concentrate on his passions, culture and cuisine, full-time.
He died in Florence at the age of 91.

LA SCIENZA IN CUCINA E L’ARTE DI MANGIAR BENE (“Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well”) – Book

Published in 1891 at the author’s expense, its success was as unthinkable as it was overwhelming. During the following 20 years, the author himself worked on 15 editions and the “Artusi” (by then simply called by the author’s name) became one of Italy’s best read books. The last few editions of the manual, a true watershed in modern gastronomic culture, collects together 790 recipes and still today counts a large number of editions and enjoys widespread circulation. It has been translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and japanese. The approach is that of a teaching manual (“I practise using this manual,” wrote Artusi, “one simply needs to know how to hold a ladle”), and recipes include considerations and short stories which make Artusi’s manual a masterpiece of wit and wisdom.

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