Albero: the very first Italian Authentic Gelateria in Thailand!

Bangkok, 18 March 2022 – Albero is officially certified Ospitalita’ Italiana! Albero has been certified Ospitalita’ Italiana, being recognized as authentic Italian gelateria in Thailand.

The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce is glad to handle the certificate to Mr. Gawin and Ms. Philumpha, owners of the gelateria, and congratulate them for passing the inspection and complying with the strict requirements of ISNART (Italian National Institute on Tourism Researches) and UnionCamere.

Mr. Gawin while receiving the certification has stated:
Albero” was made by us, a family of ice cream lovers who is also in the ice cream business for more than 10 years. From the start, we have been keen on using only the finest quality of ingredients and the most up-to-date innovations. We did our best to look for what was best for our customers and there we were: Italy. We aim to make the traditional artisan gelato to be the perfect one by using modern equipment in order to create both fascinating flavors & awesome texture at the same time. 

Tafa Inter Trading Co., Ltd.
Address: 98/36 Soi Nuan-Noi, Klongton-Nua, Wattana District, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110.

Ms. Philumpha Jirasatit (Om), Business Development Manager
M: +66 086 3931686 / T: +66 02 125 2129 / Line: @Albero.thailand

Press Release: Ospitalita’ Italiana Phuket (2022)

The 10th Edition is officially launched: the kick-off with 4 new Authentic Italian Restaurants in Phuket.

MARCH 11, 2022 – Viva Rooftop and Restaurant, Phuket. 

From left to right: Mr. Salvatore Parisi (on behalf of Little Roma Restaurant), Chef Mario Rossi (Viva Restaurant), Chef Davide Maisto (La Casina Rossa), President Federico Cardini (TICC), Chef Umberto Barbieri (Umberto’s Cuisine), H.E. Consul General Dr. Federico Pensato.

The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, TICC, has awarded four new restaurants in Phuket and Krabi, under the project, OSPITALITA’ ITALIANA. A project that the Chamber of Commerce has been implementing for the authentication of Italian restaurants in Thailand for over 10 years and now, the TICC has relaunched the new project 2022.
The activity is implemented by the TICC thanks to the support of the National Tourism Research Institute, ISNART, which helps in monitoring the evaluated restaurants.

TICC President, Mr. Federico Cardini has finally announced the four new certified restaurants and delivered a diploma from Rome HeadQuarters:

  • La Casina Rossa by Mr. Davide Maisto (Phuket)
  • Viva Rooftop and Restaurant by Mr. Mario Rossi (Phuket)
  • Little Roma by Mr. Carmelo Saetta (Phuket)
  • Umberto’s Cuisine by Umberto Barbieri (Krabi)

The Honorary Consul General of Italy for the Southern Region of Thailand, and Chairman of TICC, Dr. Francesco Pensato supported the research and evaluation of the new restaurants and participated in the award ceremony as well.

Furthermore, one hundred people attended the evening from the food & beverage business to better understand the benefits of acquiring an international certificate.

TICC would also like to thank the sponsors of the event: Coca Cola, Thai Namthip, Golden Dreams – GMB,, GFour, Italasia, Lungarotti, San Benedetto, Menabrea, PACBEV, Officina del Prosciutto, Casaro, Manzoni Gelato.

Golden Dreams provided edible gold powder and leaves, an Italian product of Giusto Manetti, Firenze. Such a luxurious and exclusive decoration for Prosecco and Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini, in collaboration with GFour and Viva Restaurant.

About the wines, Lungarotti Bianco and Rosso have written the history of wine in Italy and around the world. A story of successes, based on quality viticulture, but also on the ability to build a virtuous circuit around wine focused on exceptional hospitality, enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage and authentic experiences in contact with nature.

For more information, please visit

Launching of the 10th Edition of OF OSPITALITA’ ITALIANA THAILAND (2022)

Bangkok, 11 March 2022
Public notice no. TICC/OI2022.0001

Dear Restaurateur and Chef,

The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (abbrev. TICC) is glad to announce the launching of OSPITALITA’ ITALIANA THAILAND, 2022, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Project in the Land of Smiles.

OSPITALITA’ ITALIANA – Italian Hospitality, Italian Restaurants in the World is a quality endorsement issued by the Italian Government to Italian Restaurants Abroad that guarantee the respect of 10 strict requirements set by ISNART, the Italian Institute for Tourism Research. The Coordinating Committee (the Chamber) is responsible for defining and continuously updating standards of good Italian Hospitality while the Evaluating Committee (ISNART) is the technical body involved in the scrutiny of the project and consists of a number of experts from major Italian institutions and organizations, responsible for assessing potential candidates in the lead up to the approval of the OSPITALITA’ ITALIANA plaque.

During the past years, we have awarded hundreds of Italian Restaurants in the whole peninsula, reaching new cities and islands. The aim of the project is to develop and promote Italian food traditions and upgrade the culture of Italian Food and Wine, enhancing the image of the Italian Restaurants in Thailand, providing, and monitoring the respect of Italian quality standards in Hospitality.

For this new edition, we are pleased to introduce, for the very first time, the certification of Italian Gelaterie (Italian Ice Cream Shops), with a whole new set of standards and requirements to be matched if willing to obtain the certification. Preserving and protecting the traditional way of making one of the most iconic desserts that Italy has ever conceived and blessed to the World is a top priority.

Regarding the application and the renewal of the Certificates for both categories: Restaurants and Gelaterie, since the project is managed by the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, it is mandatory to become a Corporate Member of the Chamber. In this regard, the Restaurant will be able to benefit from a wider range of privileges and exclusive advantages, including the possibility to be featured in our publications, the affiliation to our Member for Member Card, being involved in our social events, and others.


  • Application – From 1 April 2022 to 31 August 2022.
    After registering their interest, restaurants may apply by filling out and returning the Application from to
  • Admission & Visit – From 1 April 2022 to 31 August 2022.
    The TICC reviews the applications and arranges a visit to the restaurants to complete an evaluation. It then verifies that all documents are in order and forwards the application to the external Evaluation Committee in Italy.
    During the visit, an evaluation checklist is completed, and photographs are taken along with a copy of the menu, wine list, recipes, Chef’s CV and different statements, according to our checklist.
  • Assessment & Certification – From 1 April 2022 to 31 August 2022.
    The candidates are evaluated and notified of the outcome of the assessment by the external Evaluating Committee. The Communication, where necessary, will also highlight areas of improvement or changes to be implemented. Furthermore, TICC collects documents and pictures in preparation of publishing the annual guidebook Italian Cuisine in Thailand which will be presented during the Awarding Ceremony.
    **Only certified restaurants will be published in the book, free of charge.**
  • The Awarding Ceremony – November 2022.
    The TICC will organize the Awarding Ceremony with the presence of Press Media, Sponsors/Partners, and other Institutions to publicly award the certificates to the eligible restaurants. The Awarded Restaurants will also receive window stickers, magazines and plaques and enjoy further promotional activities, such as: social media and printing advertising, free admission to the Awarding event, and much more.

Mr. Giacomo Iobizzi, TICC Deputy Secretary-General
T: +66 02 255 8695 (#110)

Italian Gelato and Coffee

Establishing a stronger presence in Southeast Asia and Thailand

Date: 17 January 2022. Author: Giacomo Iobizzi

Italy recorded 4.7 million cases of Coronavirus (as of 14 October 2021), representing one of the most affected countries worldwide. The effects have negatively influenced the performances and production in the Food and Beverage industries, sector in which Italy has always been among the global market leaders, causing an important domestic recession which has recorded -40% sales of Coffee and -30% sales of Ice Cream Machineries. However, the Export, has significantly growth in Asia and North America for Artisanal Gelato (SIGEP Observatory 2021), China and Southeast Asia, and Middle East, for ingredients and semi-finished products (+6%), Germany and South Korea are leading for production machineries. In fact, 70-80% of Italy’s total production of machineries and technologies are for Export. Europe and USA remain vital markets, confirming Germany as Italy’s main market, followed by Spain and Poland.

The Gelato industry in Thailand seems to be vigilant and proactive, in fact, according to Mr. Beniamino Francesco Pellin, Partner of Easy Best Ingredients Co., Ltd, “in 2021 we have been able to outperform the previous year (2020), selling more ingredients and gelato bases, produced locally. However, our clientele changed, incrementing the number of restaurants, and lowering the sales volumes generated by the hotels which remain the biggest share in the market. We wish to recover the contracts with the hotels for 2022, and to double our revenue by the end of the year”. Mr. Beniamino who is also importing Italian Coffee, Motta brand, has stated “our sales volumes have remained the same, with no changes in the ratios: 20-30% Restaurants and 80-70% Hotels, recording a big consumption and serving of Espresso and Cappuccino, logically preferred by the Expats and Tourists. Thais, instead, are giving more attention to the origin of the coffee, willing to experience a more ‘authentic’ taste, produced and roasted locally, better if organic or of a special and rare variety. This trend is also driven by the increment of the costs, due to Covid outbreak and the global backlashes. Newer Thai generations are no more consuming tea, if not related to ‘bubble tea’ – the one with the tapioca pearls – because they discovered the adaptability of coffee in any kind of beverage, creating new refreshing drinks by adding ice cubes and syrups or fruit juices.”

A different overview has been provided by Mr. Simone Ruggenini, General Manager of Good Drink 2018 Co., Ltd (Churn Ice Cream brand and distributor of Lauretana mineral water): “Thailand’s forced closing and restrictions for hotels, restaurants and bars have penalized our performances in 2021 which hasn’t registered an impressive growth. We have turned this negative aspect into a pause for us to restart and establish a new concept for the company. We adopted the strategy to ‘diversify our flavors and formulas’ to be more ‘flexible’ and ‘accommodating’, collecting a very good start for this 2022. We are now having success in participating in local (and temporary) Pop-up stores, transforming our gelato flavors offer based on the themes of each event (i.e., Urban Eatery with Italian classic flavors, Garden Blossom theme with local flower-inspired flavors, and so on). Good Drink and Churn have inevitably landed on online platforms to be able to answer the needs of our customers, launching our ‘family’ portion of gelato and our signature’s Brioche al gelato”.

Ms. Philumpa “Aom” Jirasathit, Business Development Manager of Albero Gelato (Italian artisanal gelato) in Bangkok, added that “2021 has registered less sales even if we were supposed to have more. The main reason was a minor traffic of people roaming in the Department Store (where the gelato shop is located). Unfortunately, our Gelato is a product that is not so easy to sell online as people would prefer to experience it directly in our shop or while walking for shopping. Our customers love our gelato, and we are receiving many caring massages and support from influencers and clientele who decided to post their pictures on their social media accounts posing with our cones and cups. We are extremely satisfied of our status, now Albero is becoming a strong brand and, for 2022, we would like to expand the business and open 2 more branches, of course, if the situation will remain positive. In March, we will launch a new flavor which we’ve tested last year, and it was successful, we can’t wait to let our audience try it.”

2021 wasn’t so bad for the Italian gelato machine industry, “Iceteam 1927 – Cattabriga is a manufacturer of ice-cream and gelato machines. We have a Rep. Office in Bangkok and a sale and service network. Due to improvement of the sanitary situation, we have register in Thailand a +15% turnover. Majority of customers are semi-professional operators, doing gelato for online sales. We expect a further growth in 2022 based on re-opening of stores” insisted Mr. Emanuele Franchi, Resident Manager – Asia Pacific of IceTeam 1927.

Regarding the Coffee Industry in Thailand, the panorama is not showing revolutionary results for the sale volumes as Ms. Kornchasa “Sandy” Thonglairuam, Senior Sales Manager of Bon Café Thailand and distributor of Segafredo Zanetti, has shared with us: “in terms of consumption, Bon Café has recorded -20% of sales due to Covid-19 effects on Hotels and Restaurants -the group main market is HORECA- especially in touristic areas/cities like Phuket, Chiang Mai and Samui”, however, the company “has been able to grow in the Retail market thanks to its loyal customers who have kept consuming and ordering online, recording an increment between +20-30% of sales through online platforms and website. Nonetheless, Segafredo in October-November 2021 has also launched its own retail cans, available at convenience stores nationwide, 7Eleven, in Thais’ favorite flavors: Americano and Latte.”

The situation above-mentioned shares some similarities also with Illy Thailand, Mr. Gian Carlo De Cesare, Director Thailand – Illy Caffe’ (distributed by Italasia), has stated that “Illy has certainly grown (+40%) in 2021 if compared to 2020 but it will require more time to resume the sales volume of 2019. Illy recorded +200% sales from online channels (especially for machines and coffee capsules) while sales volume for HORECA hasn’t shown important progresses. From February 1, 2022, Illy will also increase of 15% its price list due to global increment of raw materials, logistic costs, and foreign exchange rates (USD to THB). A trend of +15% sales from online channels is supposed to be performed for the following months.” Furthermore, Mr. De Cesare will launch in 2022 “OraSì, a new ‘100% Made in Italy’ vegan beverage (plant-based available in Soy, Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Oat and Rice) that will complete the bar offer for both professional and amatorial spheres. The new product is supposed to compete with other existing products on both digital and retail sectors but will not fear to fail because of its Italian origins and excellent qualities”.

Regarding the import of Italian Coffee machines, Ms. Phattama “Pat” Wanalaijaroenjit, Executive Assistant at Caffa Coffeemaker, “2021 has suffered if compared to 2020, our sales volumes and channels have remained stable: 80% B2C and 20% B2B, with a small increment for retail. However, our company is specialized in machines, blenders, and grinders, providing to our customers also coffee grains (sourced locally and/or imported) that we are roasting in our factory in Chiang Rai.”

In addition, ASSOLATTE (Italian Dairy Association) confirmed a positive trend in 2021, growing double-digit in Italian dairy exports in USA (+25 %), Poland (+22 %), Belgium (+18 %), France (+13 %). Among the specialties, the most exported products were Mascarpone (+38 %), Provolone and Pecorino (both +20 %), Mozzarella (+12 %) and Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano (both +6 %).




Press Release: The 5th Italian Cuisine Week – Opening at EmQuartier, Bangkok (24 November 2020)

BANGKOK, 25 November 2020 – The month of November is well known for the promotion of Italian Food and Cuisine, and we are glad to have collaborated with the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in delivering another successful event for the promotion and celebration of the “5th Italian Cuisine Week in the World“.

The day-event “Piazza Delizioso” hosted at EmQuartier was conceived to recreate a typical Italian market brought to life in the center of Bangkok. The Chamber contributed to enriching the Italian Experience by bringing members and restaurants under the project of Ospitalita Italiana. Italian culture was also very apparent with videos about Italy, cultural activities relating to live music, cooking, and food.

The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all our Members and Ospitalita’ Italiana Restaurants that have participated:

– Peppina (Ospitalita’ Italiana certified)
– Appia (Ospitalita’ Italiana certified)
– Nonna Nella by Lenzi (Ospitalita’ Italiana certified)
– Paolo’s Deli (TICC Member)
– Favola (Ospitalita’ Italiana certified)

Food Distributors & Italian Brands
– EWTA (East-West Trading & Agencies), Cirio, and Caputo;
– Italasia (and San Benedetto);
– Union P;
– Pacific Bev / Menabrea;
– Lauretana / Good Drink;
– Easy Best Ingredients;
– Eurofood;
– TruffleEat / Urbani Truffles;
– Albero / Snowboy;
– Refill Social;
– 6-Infinity;
– Segafredo / BonCafe’;
– KCG / Riso Scotti.

True Italian Taste’s Masterclass about Tuscany featured on Phuket News

Published on November 24, 2020 on Phuket News: 

The True Italian Taste project – funded and promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is part of the “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” campaign and coordinated by Assocamerestero, from Rome, Italy.

True Italian Taste aims to:
• Tell consumers all over the world about the benefits of true Italian products and the importance of the link between foods and the places they come from.
• Help food lovers to choose and use authentic Italian ingredients, supporting both businesses and consumers.
• Support Italian makers of certified, traditional and niche products who would like to be better known on international markets and reinforce and expand business opportunities for companies already present on world markets.
• Show how to take advantage of the healthy qualities of true Italian food, promoting organic products, dietary supplements, and all Italian-made products certified for specific ethnic categories (halal and kosher foods).

The Project

True Italian Taste, part of the government program “The Extraordinary Italian Taste”, was launched in 2016 on the markets of North America, to then land in the following years also on the main reference markets of Italian agri-food exports to Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Through this campaign to raise awareness of the foreign consumer, we want to increase the conscious consumption of 100% made in Italy food, spreading a greater knowledge of the typical characteristics, the places of origin and the nutritional and certification aspects of Protected Designation of Origin PDO and Protected Geographical Indication.

Masterclass – Tuscan Cuisine – Phuket 2020

On November 27, 2020, within the global initiative of Italian cuisine in the world, TICC will create a masterclass on Tuscan food in Phuket at the Kudo Italian Restaurant.
The event is expected to be attended by 40 Italian influencers and institutions, including the President of TICC, Dr. Federico Cardini and Honorary Consul General for the Italian Embassy in Phuket and Southern Regions on Thailand, Dr. Francesco Pensato. Among the Thai companies invited, there will be journalists specializing in cuisine, Italian wines experts, and foodservice professionals and various operators related to hotels and restaurants working on the island of Phuket and in southern Thailand.

The dinner includes a series of courses prepared with Italian products of Tuscan cuisine and Tuscan wines by the awarded Ospitalita’ Italiana chef, Mr. Massimo Marcato.
Among the main sponsors there will be representatives from EWTA, KCG, Italasia with Allegrini, Pacbev, Conserve Italia, Cirio, Zaino Food, Inalca, Caffe’ Bolognese, Manzoni, San Benedetto and Toscano.
At the event, information will be given on the characteristics of the cuisine with Tuscan products and recipes that help highlight the typical regional cuisine offered.
The TICC will promote the True Italian Taste project on a national scale in order to combat Italian Sounding and educate the consumption of genuine and certified made in Italy products.

T: +66 2255 8695 ext 101

Pellegrino Artusi’s 200th Anniversary – The Father of Italian Cuisine

Pellegrino Artusi, acknowledged father of modern cookery who did what he could to spread the use of the Italian language, was born in Forlimpopoli on 4th August 1820.
After completing his studies, he began dealing with his father’s business and, as a result, travelled around various regions of the Italian peninsula.
Between 1851 and 1852 the Artusi family left Forlimpopoli and moved to Florence. A wealthy man, at the age of 45 Artusi was able to concentrate on his passions, culture and cuisine, full-time.
He died in Florence at the age of 91.

LA SCIENZA IN CUCINA E L’ARTE DI MANGIAR BENE (“Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well”) – Book

Published in 1891 at the author’s expense, its success was as unthinkable as it was overwhelming. During the following 20 years, the author himself worked on 15 editions and the “Artusi” (by then simply called by the author’s name) became one of Italy’s best read books. The last few editions of the manual, a true watershed in modern gastronomic culture, collects together 790 recipes and still today counts a large number of editions and enjoys widespread circulation. It has been translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and japanese. The approach is that of a teaching manual (“I practise using this manual,” wrote Artusi, “one simply needs to know how to hold a ladle”), and recipes include considerations and short stories which make Artusi’s manual a masterpiece of wit and wisdom.

Check our previous post with the video-recipes of Pellegrino Artusi:


Press Release: The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce together with Grab Thailand

Bangkok, 21 July 2020 – The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce together with Grab Thailand signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to support and facilitate our network of restaurants affected due to the covid 19 crisis. At the Signing Ceremony were present: Mr. Michele Tomea, TICC Secretary General, and Mr. Giacomo Iobizzi, TICC Deputy Secretary-General and K. Sukhumarn Lertpanyaroj – Grab Food Head and K. Suwapith Konchalard – Merchant and Acquisition Lead.  

As TICC represents the interests of our community, the hospitality business has been severely affected. To support the restaurant industry with the cooperation of Grab all participating restaurants will receive a concessive reduction on commission and marketing support to help them navigate through this crisis.

In order to participate in this program please contact or call +66 02 255 8695 #104. T&C applied.

Gelato vs. Ice Cream: What’s the Difference?

Yes, they are not the same! Here are some differences between these popular icy desserts.

The origin of ice cream is still mysterious but many trace it back to China where frozen desserts included ingredients such as rice, spices, snow and milk. The history of Gelato goes back to the 16th century to Florence in Italy. Some say it started when Italian chef Procopio dei Coltelli started selling gelato in his café in Paris. It is also said to be started when Bernando Buontalenti made ice-cream made with milk, wine, lemon, orange and served it to Charles V, the king of Spain. Regardless of where the origin of these icy desserts was, it is indulged on by millions of people across the globe.

In 2016, Europe had Gelato sales of 9 billion euros with Italy contributing 30% of the European market, amounting to 2.7 billion euros. There are over 100,000 gelato parlors spread around the world. Aside from Europe it has gained popularity in China, Japan, Australia and the United States. There are 39,000 gelaterias in Italy that whipped 595 million liters i.e. 6.8 billion scopes of gelato in 2017 as noted by Bloomberg.

Ingredients: Gelato and ice-cream share a few ingredients such as dairy, sugar and air! The key difference is the amount of the same ingredients used to whip the dessert. Gelato is made with less cream and more milk and usually does not need egg yolks, which is common for an ice cream recipe. Gelato butterfat amounts 0% to 5% fat and Ice cream contains 12% to 25% butterfat. This makes the fat and calorie of Gelato substantially lower than ice cream.

Temperature: Italian Gelato is served at about 10-20 degrees while ice cream is usually served at 7-10 degree Fahrenheit.

Texture: Since Gelato is served warmer than ice cream, it is more smoother and silkier! It is also more dense and elastic than other ice cream. Gelato is more flavorful than ice-cream as ice cream is more buttery that coats the tongue quickly limiting one to experience the flavor as compared to Gelato.

Serving style: Ice cream is shaped into round balls by scooping it from a rounded spoon, which is possible as it has more fat helps make it firm. Gelato is served with a spatula that is flat and helps soften the dessert.

Nutrition: Half a cup of vanilla ice cream contains about 16 grams of sugar while the same serving of gelato has 17 grams of sugar. Ice cream is 10-15% fat whereas gelato has 4-9% fat. For an extra cold buttery feel on the treat, ice cream sure satisfies the dessert need. However, if you want a silkier frozen texture on your treat with low fat, gelato is your pick!

Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce with Ospitalita’ Italiana is glad to announce the new certification for gelateria (ice cream parlor). The aim of this project is to promote and safeguard the authentic Italian Gelato production following the strict standard of the National Institute of Research on Tourism (IS.N.A.R.T).

Author: Ayusha Sigdel, Research Fellow at Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce

Press Release: AVPN and TICC join hands together to safeguard “True Neapolitan Pizza” in Southeast Asia

Bangkok, 31 July 2020 – The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) for the promotion of True Neapolitan Pizza in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The signing of the agreement has in particular the objective of spreading the art of making Neapolitan Pizza, recognized as an intangible heritage by UNESCO in 2017. Asia has shown much interest to expand the delights of Neapolitan Pizza to their local communities. Thai pizzerias and pizza chefs in particular who are interested in joining the Verace “family” will be able to contact the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) today for information and assistance.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Thailand and AVPN thanks Francesco Cioffi with a special mention, who, in his constant work of promoting Italian excellence in South East Asia, has favored and supported this initiative.

One of the main aims of the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) is the promotion of “Made in Italy” in Thailand, and in South-East Asia, as well as the development of mutual cooperation between the two countries in the economic field.

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), founded in June 1984 in Naples, promotes True Neapolitan Pizza throughout the world through its International Disciplinary. The Association is also engaged in the enhancement of the 850 affiliated pizzerias and products of the production chain as well as in the protection of the art of the Neapolitan “pizza maker”, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity.